Been busy…

Sorry for a lack of posts, more to come soon, but I’ve been pretty busy lately with among other things this:

As some of you may know, Wisconsin’s (I live in Madison) governor, Scott Walker, has been trying to shoehorn a bill through that would effectively destroy all State workers collective bargaining rights, and basically eviscerate the state worker’s unions. Suffice it to say, this shit won’t stand. This has enormous implications for the rest of the US right now, and if it passes would allow many other Republican majority state governments an opportunity to make similar bills under the auspices of “budgetary tightening”– Ohio I’m looking at you. If you’re at all inclined, check out more information and maybe lend us here some support with an email to Scott Walker and his cronies. Anything helps, because it’s sleeting outside and people have been camping out there since last Monday, keeping it real. All 70,000 of us.


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