Favoritist tpaesse of 2014th pt. 1

I’m not interested in making a list of albums. I don’t like albums all that much anyway. So here are some tapes of varying lengths, quality, and taste that I enjoyed this last year. Some may be or will be released in a form other than that of the tape. But that’s not my problem.


Necropole – Atavisme… (Resilience)

You kinda get tired listening to so much of this music. It pays so little dividends. You have to wade through so much bullshit. It isn’t worth it. It really isn’t. The great music in underground black metal does not outweigh the bad. Anyone who says different is getting paid.

The thing about always searching for the next great band (or more accurately in my case, the next great tape) is that you sometimes find it. Is it worth the effort? Nope, not at all. It’s all a retardation of the spirit; it’s a waste of time that could be used working a field or something. I could be harvesting crops right now for christ’s sake. I could be shoeing a fucking horse right now (more accurately, I could be learning how to shoe a fucking horse right now). But instead I’m listening to Necropole for the 15th time. I don’t know how good at a worthless silly thing we call music they actually are. They’re a few French dudes who probably speak better English than I do, and they made one of the best black metal demos of the last five years. Does it matter? For fuck’s sake: no.


Sluggard “s/t” (Abysmal Sounds)

Auteur death metal, chapped and raw; fly bitten under a mutinous sun. Brent has this one all figured out. Inventive and full of love for the form. He’s batting 2/2 so far. Not much more to say really. Superlative. #feelingblessed


Eissturm “The Purpose” (Fragile Branch)

When the people talk about the pretty black metal, the people are talking about the Eissturm. I don’t know where this guy is from, but his name is Eis, and he knows how to craft the silkiness. Silkiness in this case means a squeak fart of Filofsem-esque long form black metal streaked with synth and windswept ATMOSPHERE. Being on tape helps the thing: what would seem weak and cold on other formats instead feels infinite and warm under tape hiss; but it still channels an airless dread, like a hornet batting itself around the inside of a glass on your windowsil. I like the way the thing feels, bright and dead — clean, and without purpose. The ancestral folksiness that invades this kind of black metal doesn’t come off so much as the inevitable genre-checking as it does a certain spectrum-level genuineness. And in the end it’s intensely personal and nearly unapproachable as a document: this being a document of anxiety writ in a digital arterial spray, alloyed in a dying medium. I feel confident at the end of all this stuff we call human civilization Eis will be sipping Belgian dubbels, programming his drum machine, and watching endless reruns of Max Headroom while wishing it just had more of a Braveheart tang.

omniverous void

I I – Omnivorous Void (Eternity Recs)

What can you do? A lot of angry young men are making pretty good music about that Jesus fella nowadays. What a motherfucker. At least we can give thanks for that.

Item! This sounds like every family gathering you’ve ever had but at an emotion-level: midnight: A lot of mashed potatoes/gravy, screaming, circuitous dm riffs, hurt feelings, and drunken revelations. But these guys make it sound easy.


Grave State “s/t” (Tunnel Vision Tapes)

Compilation of their four demos. Australian fucked up blackened punk wunderkinds whose band imploded after one year of existence. Not much info out there about them. The kick drum sounds like it was made out of human parts, yellowed skin pulled taunt over a bone frame. One of the wonderful experiences of finding weird tapes can be summed in Grave State. Mysterious. Slip shod. Unthoughtful. My cat is nosing her way into a paper bag right now: they sound like every band I ever wanted to play a saloon in my head. This tape is worth looking for.


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