Favoritist tpaesse of 2014th pt. 2

Mastrobating Jehovah – Hullet I loven (Silver Key)

The best discovery of 2014 for me was Silver Key Records and this band made up of dudes from Black Mastrobation and Black Jehovah. Mastrobating Jehovah plumb a whole new depth of sophisticated dumb/weird, spelunking into a libidinous chasm of lo-fi electronics, distortion, and dank paranormal fumblings. It’s not trolling when it’s art. Throw away your other records.

By the way, this got rejected from being listed on Metal Archives because it wasn’t metal enough. According to the basement dwelling Archons at MA they are, “black wall of riffless noise”. If that isn’t enough for you I don’t know what is.


Nadra – Eitur (Vánagandr)

Not a perfect tape by any means. Apparently they’ve been around since 2008, but this is their first demo that was released early in the year. A demo equivalent to those weird beardo dudes who insist on bringing their crying newborns to coffee shops while they read Nietzche — hey everybody, here are my inchoate riffs that promise the world. 2 songs: one long, one short — but a whole heap of sloppy Icelandic commitment. Total support. Or something like that.


Human Bodies – No Life (Caligari)

Some Europeans like to proclaim that Americans have never added anything of worth to black metal. Fuck them. This is stomach-churning ugliness filtered through American hardcore—as self-actualized and destructive as a coked-up raccoon.


Aureole – Alunar (Fallen Empire)

I can’t help but be a sucker for a certain strain of epic black metal that sounds like the OST to an early 90s era Full Moon straight to video production. Alunar syncs up perfectly with Subspecies or Puppet Master — melancholy synths, forlorn riffs, vampiric howls. Nothing about this is cool really. But dang does it sound positively goth-positive, and hooked up to the kind of awful early 90s nostalgia that fuels more than my share of waking moments. I listen to this a lot when I’m contemplating which shade of black nail polish I want to paint my cat’s claws. This won’t win you any scene points, but it will make you look infinitely more finger-on-the-pulse at the next horror convention.

heavydeath 1

Heavydeath – They Had No Names (Caligari)

Heavydeath is the ultimate demo band, releasing over 7 in 2014 on the ultimate tape label, Caligari. Strangely the quality has not dipped throughout the epic sold-out run (and most you can hear digitally if not on tape). Picking a favorite is a fool’s game, but They Had No Names is as good as any.

They may get my vote for best new band this year—the project of mostly one man, Nicklas Rudolfsson, who enlisted some talented friends to create some of the ol’ doom-death. And what doom-death it is! This is some serious work by some guys with talent to burn. There’s an attention to space and melody that never approaches weakness or the saccharine, and the great and horrible shapes they carve out of negative space are something to behold. But unlike so many doom bands, they’re more playful, less full of turgid grief. This isn’t party doom, but it won’t make you wallow either. Play for friends and enemies alike.



The best Finnish label with the weirdest bands, and a perfect overview of the whole noxious mess. There’s probably something to offend/bemuse everyone here, but the shambling mess of it all is so beguiling it’s easy to get over. Nothing good can come of this, but here it is anyway. Throbbing black metal, primitive scum punk and basement industrial is just the beginning. People talk about the underground as if it’s a thing, as if it something perceptible and independent of the mainstream. That’s largely bullshit. But Bestial Burst cultivates truly great, bad, ugly and despicable music, all interweaved with a similar unseemly aesthetic, that you can be forgiven in thinking that the underground is still alive, trudging dully forward into the unknown, one tape at a time, one dead poseur after the next.


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